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Recent Acheivement

Mr. Koshy Samuel (Babuji) is the founder President of VENSEC. Mr. Koshy Samuel, an ardent follower of the Marthoma Church, is involved in a number of humanitarian activities. He has undertaken several humanitarian initiatives under the Chengannur - Mavelikara diocese including, medical insurance for 260 families and construction of toilets for 71 under privileged families. Mr. Samuel was the visionary for the construction of houses for 84 under privileged families as well as a well wisher and pillar of support for projects like Tharangam and Shantigiri Ashramam. Worth mentioning is Mr. Samuel's initiatives in providing employment opportunities in the Middle East, for aspiring young job seekers.

Mr. Samuel also plays a major part in encouraging such young people to live and grow in a spiritually enriched environment. In a country like Saudi Arabia, which offers little or no tolerance for religious freedom, Mr. Samuel has, within his office building, set aside a room dedicated to prayers and worship, where, Mr. Samuel, along with his co workers, offer praise and appreciation to the Lord, before winding up for the day. Mr. Samuel has also spearheaded the 'Hope for Hopeless' initiative, based out of Venmony, where 75 under privileged individuals are paid a pension amount on a monthly basis.

Mr. Samuel's ecumenical vision, in conjunction with his humanitarian initiatives, is indeed highly commendable. Mr. Samuel has undertaken a number of activities at his Alma Mater, the school where he received his early education. Mr. Samuel has been involved in the construction of toilets, sports training, career guidance programs and other activities at the School, where he is a prominent figure. Despite his innumerable humanitarian activities, Mr. Samuel is weighed down by the sorrow that he is unable to bring back those lost souls who, in their pursuit for spiritual awareness are led astray, away from the Church. Along with loving your fellow men, Christian faith dictates nature and everything in it to be of paramount the proceeds from the profits so obtained are offered to the cultivators, thereby motivating them further.

 This initiative by Mr. Samuel has earned him praise from several quarters including prominent media Houses like Malayala Manorama. It is impossible but for the divine vision for a man to maintain such a relationship based on tolerance and love towards everything and everyone. Mr. Samuel is also the recipient of the prestigious Best NRI Business Man award for his excellence in Business Activities.

Today, It can be said with little or no surprise that, Mr. Koshy Samuel, the Vice Chairman of the prestigious NIDAL Group, an industrial concern generating an annual turnover of more than 250 Crores and employing more than 2500 people, along with the support of his family; his wife, Dr. SusanKoshy and his children, Renju, Reshma and Reuben, proclaims with utmost conviction and humility that "God is my Redeemer and Protector"